Source code for finat.physically_mapped

import gem
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod

    from firedrake_citations import Citations
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except ImportError:
    Citations = None

[docs]class NeedsCoordinateMappingElement(metaclass=ABCMeta): """Abstract class for elements that require physical information either to map or construct their basis functions.""" pass
[docs]class PhysicallyMappedElement(NeedsCoordinateMappingElement): """A mixin that applies a "physical" transformation to tabulated basis functions.""" def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) if Citations is not None: Citations().register("Kirby2018zany") Citations().register("Kirby2019zany")
[docs] @abstractmethod def basis_transformation(self, coordinate_mapping): """Transformation matrix for the basis functions. :arg coordinate_mapping: Object providing physical geometry.""" pass
[docs] def basis_evaluation(self, order, ps, entity=None, coordinate_mapping=None): assert coordinate_mapping is not None M = self.basis_transformation(coordinate_mapping) def matvec(table): i, j = gem.indices(2) value_indices = self.get_value_indices() table = gem.Indexed(table, (j, ) + value_indices) val = gem.ComponentTensor(gem.IndexSum(M[i, j]*table, (j,)), (i,) + value_indices) # Eliminate zeros return gem.optimise.aggressive_unroll(val) result = super().basis_evaluation(order, ps, entity=entity) return {alpha: matvec(table) for alpha, table in result.items()}
[docs] def point_evaluation(self, order, refcoords, entity=None): raise NotImplementedError("TODO: not yet thought about it")
[docs]class DirectlyDefinedElement(NeedsCoordinateMappingElement): """Base class for directly defined elements such as direct serendipity that bypass a coordinate mapping.""" pass
[docs]class PhysicalGeometry(metaclass=ABCMeta):
[docs] @abstractmethod def cell_size(self): """The cell size at each vertex. :returns: A GEM expression for the cell size, shape (nvertex, ). """
[docs] @abstractmethod def jacobian_at(self, point): """The jacobian of the physical coordinates at a point. :arg point: The point in reference space (on the cell) to evaluate the Jacobian. :returns: A GEM expression for the Jacobian, shape (gdim, tdim). """
[docs] @abstractmethod def detJ_at(self, point): """The determinant of the jacobian of the physical coordinates at a point. :arg point: The point in reference space to evaluate the Jacobian determinant. :returns: A GEM expression for the Jacobian determinant. """
[docs] @abstractmethod def reference_normals(self): """The (unit) reference cell normals for each facet. :returns: A GEM expression for the normal to each facet (numbered according to FIAT conventions), shape (nfacet, tdim). """
[docs] @abstractmethod def physical_normals(self): """The (unit) physical cell normals for each facet. :returns: A GEM expression for the normal to each facet (numbered according to FIAT conventions). These are all computed by a clockwise rotation of the physical tangents, shape (nfacet, gdim). """
[docs] @abstractmethod def physical_tangents(self): """The (unit) physical cell tangents on each facet. :returns: A GEM expression for the tangent to each facet (numbered according to FIAT conventions). These always point from low to high numbered local vertex, shape (nfacet, gdim). """
[docs] @abstractmethod def physical_edge_lengths(self): """The length of each edge of the physical cell. :returns: A GEM expression for the length of each edge (numbered according to FIAT conventions), shape (nfacet, ). """
[docs] @abstractmethod def physical_points(self, point_set, entity=None): """Maps reference element points to GEM for the physical coordinates :arg point_set: A point_set on the reference cell to push forward to physical space. :arg entity: Reference cell entity on which the point set is defined (for example if it is a point set on a facet). :returns: a GEM expression for the physical locations of the points, shape (gdim, ) with free indices of the point_set. """
[docs] @abstractmethod def physical_vertices(self): """Physical locations of the cell vertices. :returns: a GEM expression for the physical vertices, shape (gdim, )."""